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Science, Spirit, Psychotherapy … by Ron Kurtz

Science, Spirit, Psychotherapy        by Ron Kurtz My goal here is to place the Hakomi method within three different disciplines: science, spiritual practice and psychotherapy. Any one-way description of the work is not enough. The work is inspired … Continue reading

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Breath in the Body in the Boy

Tenderness through birth and through death makes landing and take-off smoother. 🙂 Every thought, has a birth and later, a death. Imbued with tenderness and loving kindness (along with a pinch of passion & purity), it’s more likely to live a … Continue reading

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KM: Module 2

Dear Ottawa student of the Korason Method for Authentic Voice & Dialogue, As a graduate of Module 1 last Oct., you are entitled to register for Module 2 (April 13-14, 2019) with a generous 40% discount. In return, Shahram and … Continue reading

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Season for Leaving

This poem was inspired by a leaf  found during a walk near home. As I held, admired then placed it, thoughts of resilience and mortality visited. Though not in a hurry to leave the tree of life & this material … Continue reading

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Trauma and Peace

Prickle and Peace My living room Buddha and cactus inspire a possible sequence for getting to the informed and compassionate action required for healing and transforming the gargantuan backlog of accumulated and self-perpetuating trauma in our human race (whew – … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Sound

by Hugh Smiley Watching David Suzuki’s Sonic Magic – the Wonder and Science of Sound, I was struck (like a bell) by the ferocious shift in big city ‘soundscapes’ over the last century. The ringing of church bells, once heard … Continue reading

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The Voice of the Therapist

The Therapist’s Voice in Mindfulness-Based, Body-Centered Psychotherapy (a workshop) The human vocal apparatus is part of the body and much more. We create (or destroy) our worlds through words we speak and sing, sounds we utter. Different qualities of the … Continue reading

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East meets West: Dorje and Medicine Wheel

This is a Tibetan Dorje (Vajra in Sanskrit) meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. Additionally, it is a weapon which is used as a ritual object to symbolize both the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and a thunderbolt (irresistible force). There’s … Continue reading

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Single-Pane Protection

February frost on my office window. Love the juxtaposition of the hot, desert plants just inches away from freezing Arctic air (40 below zero). If the single-pane window were to be opened, the plants would die. Their defence mechanisms (thorns … Continue reading

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Nourishing Communication in the Hakomi Way: Feb. 28-Mar. 1, Toronto

Click here to pay the Early Bird price of $245 + tax for “Nourishing Communication” workshop: Click here to pay: Nourishing Communication(EarlyBird) – $245 plus 31.85 HST PayPal link will appear at the top of the right sidebar; click the … Continue reading

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