Chiron: The Healing Journey

Discover, cultivate & express in your life
the transformational qualities of Chiron and the Centaurs.

Alt. Tuesdays: starts 1:30 ET, 6:30 UK, 7:30 CET, 9:30 Russia


Hugh Smiley & Adela Dumitriu guide you along a journey exploring archetypes embodied by Chiron (discovered in our solar system in 1977). Chiron’s symbolism (integrating astronomy, Greek mythology & astrology) is extremely relevant to this time in evolution, especially the current challenging pandemic passage we are moving through.

Knowing and understanding where Chiron is located in our natal astro-chart, we possess a powerful key for unlocking the door to our awakening and igniting the engine of our somatic heart-mind vehicle to journey into healing growth & fulfillment. We will also study Chaiklo, Pholus, Nessus, Okyrhoe & other members of the Centaur family

Join us every other Tuesday for this FREE 90-minute experiential learning on Zoom. Learn Chironic techniques, meditations & exercises (keys for your wisdom toolbox) and enjoy interviews with Chiron experts. Michael de Baker, director of Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology & Zane Stein – long-time Chiron teacher, will be among our guests.

Hugh & Adela will alternate facilitating. With Hugh, focussing on the psychology & archetypes of Chiron through the Korason & Hakomi Methods and Adela, more on the astrological aspects.

Upcoming schedule:

Jan. 28: the Centaur Pholus (Hugh)
Feb. 9:   Chiron in Aquarius (Adela)
Feb. 23: the Centaur Nessus (Hugh)

• Teacher & mentor   • Shaman   • Messenger    • Wounded Healer • Traveller between worlds  • Rainbow Bridge (Antahkarana) • Key to our transmutative genius  • Initiator
• Key to our individual & collective healing  

Here is a 29-minute intro. video from Adela and me to give you a taste:

We will be updating this page with additional resources.  A bi-weekly class will continue diving deep into the Chiron archetypes with a little astrology (and perhaps Gene Keys) as well, so you can perceive how your natal Chiron interacts with the various realms of your own brilliant being.

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