Authentic Relationship: Toronto, Jan. 30-31, 2016

The Practice of Loving Presence is one of the four “Essential Practices” workshops that Hakomi Founder Ron Kurtz developed with Donna Martin during the last decade of his life. It provides an enjoyable and effective method to create  a state of open, accepting, non-judgemental and compassionate presence and bring that into any situation


Loving Presence

Excerpt from the talk Ron Kurtz gave in Ireland as part of “Eight Talks on the Refined Method”

I added Loving Presence about fifteen years ago. Loving presence is the ideal state of mind for the therapist. It sets the general tone of the relationship. It’s very significant. I talked recently about the great mistakes of the Western World. I thought one of the great mistakes was the notion that we are separate beings.

In quantum theory there is an amazing finding called non-locality. It says that if two molecules have interacted in the past and they separate themselves in space by say a million light years, when something happens to one of them, the other will reflect it instantaneously. Now, light can’t go that fast, but non-locality is real. Such a thought cannot make sense to the ordinary Western mind. How can these two things be affecting one another instantaneously at such incredible distances?

Loving presence reflects the Buddhist position that we are not separate. If you sit with a client and feel this connection, if you feel non-separateness, (I mean feel, when the client gets sad, I can feel that sadness), if you carry that model, if you carry that way of being called loving presence, then you have created a safe and sensitive context for the work. Everything that happens, happens inside of that. And that has a tremendous effect. Loving presence by itself is healing.

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