Hakomi Series

This weekend will be followed by three more in the early months of 2020. The quartet of foundational Personhood Workshops” comprises the Level One Hakomi Training.

• Jan. 18-19: Heart of Hakomi (Practice of Loving Presence). Completed 

Early Feb.: 2-hour online practice and review

NEXT • Feb. 22-23: Quieting the Mind (see flyer below)

Early March: 2-hour online practice and review

• March 21-22: Non-Verbal Awareness

Early April: 2-hour online practice and review

• April 25-26: Nourishing Communication

Early May: 2-hour online practice and review

• May (TBA): Heart of Hakomi (Practice of Loving Presence)

Together, this 9-day training (incl. 3 online sessions) will provide a thorough introduction to the work I’ve been integrating over the last three years, informed by the Hakomi and Korason Methods, Tibetan Buddhist somatic meditation and Agni Yoga.  It is quite powerful, delightful to learn, and immediately applicable to everyday life situations and relationships.

Am looking forward to sharing this transformative work with you. It is very rewarding both on a personal basis as well working with clients. For e.g. it provides a way to work with trauma that is gentle and safe while being deep and effective.

I have kept the fee quite reasonable and there’s also an early-bird discount. If you’re able to participate in all 4 workshops, there will be an additional $100 discount. If you have to miss one, each workshop will be offered again in the future. The series will be offered again in the autumn of 2020 but the fee will be double, so this is a good time to treat yourself or a loved one

As part of the training, there will be a complimentary Zoom session at the halfway point between each module for experiential practice and sharing of insights, benefits & challenges. A certificate will be earned upon completion of the 8 days + zoom sessions.

Register for Quieting the Mind (at Early Bird discount – $220):

Register for Level One Hakomi Training (4 workshops, 3 zoom sessions) Early Bird + extra $100 discounts – CA$780 (c. US$592):