The Mindful Circle Online

Stay connected to HAKOMI and KORASON METHOD practice.  The Mindful Circle Online (MCO) is a powerful bi-weekly opportunity: experiential learning and practice …for both personal & professional development.

2-hour sessions usually include a 10-minute somatic & heart-oriented meditation as well as techniques from the Hakomi Method,  Korason Method (KM) for Authentic Voice & Dialogue  and the emerging practice of Agni: Yoga of the Heart.  No previous training in any of these is required.

Due to the current situation re the corana virus, and wanting the Circle to be available to more people isolated at home, sthe price has been reduced by 25%. For 5 two-hour online sessions, the fee is now CA$125 (c. US$88). Ideally sessions will be attended within a 3-month period but there’s some flexibility.

If you’re new, you can attend the first session free then register below for a series of 5.

There are two biweekly Circles: Sundays (12:00-2:000) and Thursday evenings (8:00-10:00) Toronto time. Please calculate the time for your zone. You’re welcome to participate in sessions from either or both MCOs. Here is the schedule for the next few months:

MCO Thursday (starts 8:00 pm Toronto time):
March 26, April 9 & 23, May 7 & 21, June 4

MCO Sunday (starts noon Toronto time):
March 29, April 12 & 26, May 10 & 24, June 7 

Please read the flyer below for details and benefits:

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Click below to pay CA$125 (US$88) for 5 Mindful Circles:

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