The Mindful Circle Online

           MCO Sundays
       will resume after summer break on Sept. 19th, 2021.

Stay connected to HAKOMI and KORASON METHOD practice.  The Mindful Circle Online (MCO) is a powerful weekly opportunity: experiential learning and practice …for both personal & professional development.

2-hour sessions usually include a 10-minute somatic & heart-oriented meditation
and techniques from (click on links for info.):
• the Hakomi Method,
• the Korason Method (KM) for Authentic Voice & Dialogue, and
• the emerging practice of Agni: Yoga of the Heart.
No previous training in any of these is required.

Due to the current situation re COVID-19, and wanting the Circle to be available to more people isolated at home, the fee has been reduced by 50%. For 5 two-hour online sessions, the fee is now only US$65 (CA$82). You can attend the first session free, then to continue, register below for a series of 5.

Please read the flyer below for details and benefits:


Click below to pay US$65 for a package of 5 two-hour Mindful Circles Online: