KM Online Course

The first module of the Korason Method (KM) for Authentic Voice & Dialogue training is now available online.  7 descriptive videos invite students to combine consciousness and vocal sound production with mindfulness and intention to gradually discover, then evolve the natural and authentic voice we were born to use. The course is simple, user-friendly and within a hort period of time, students have great results:

 “I really enjoy practicing this before doing a presentation at work. It gives me more confidence and energy.”  – M.M.

“I’ve been doing it a few times now, especially when I felt the need to build up more self-confidence before going on to an important meeting that I was a bit anxious about, and the result was great! A great sense of protection happened every time I used this technique … thanks Hugh”. – T.M.

“Wow! During this exercise, I’ve felt immediately the presence of strength and positivity. I was even laughing during my first attempts because I did not expect this rush of joy and power overwhelming me.” – M.S

Whereas this first course revolves around the sound and use of the physical voice, this is the stepping stone to enable later applying this enhanced voice in a powerful, comfortable and impactful manner in successful conversation, consultation and authentic dialogue.

To watch an intro video, read a course description and register: KM ONLINE 

The fee is Can$89 (about US$70 or 51 euros) and the course includes a free one-hour coaching session on Zoom with teacher Hugh Smiley to help master the valuable techniques of the method.

 Receive 5 half-hour, private mentoring sessions on Zoom or Skype to accompany & complement the course lessons. The fee: CAN$240 (approx US$189 or 153 euros).