Establishing Healthy Boundaries

A – MO – HO: A Korason Method Articulation for creating and sustaining healthy personal boundaries

Here is an exercise:  • MA – MO – HO  embodies more or less the message: “I come from a place of compassion but you must respect me and my boundaries and I will only let you get as close as I allow.”

MA (mah) – staring with one hand at the top of the head, the other in front of the root chakra, gradually bring hands together over the chest nestled against the heart chakra. The M gathers together healing attributes from all the other chakras into the heart to enhance its peace, security & capacity . This is the middle chakra of 7 so use the middle pitch of your range. This brings the energy and intention of compassion to the following:

MOM connects the Heart chakra (A) with the Solar Plexus (O). Pitch will be a bit lower than the A. Bring hands down to around the navel. This is the centre of emotional balance, personal power & desire and also the inner (spiritual) warrior whom you summon to be your ally and help protect you from unwanted influences. You can affirm your boundaries by mobilizing the warrior.

HO – aspirate H sends the idea, picture or intention out beyond your own body and energetic field (aura). Reach hands outwards, hand vertical with fingers pointing upwards as if to say “stop here!”

You can be visualizing anyone or group (present or past) who is presenting oppressive, bullying, manipulating, invalidating or intimidating energy while you do the exercise including those parts of yourself that are self-critical and demoralizing or obsessive, tormenting thoughts (the ‘voices in your head’ :).

All in one breath. When the breath and sound run out, close the eyes, enter a state of mindfulness and witness what arises within.

As you practice more, the effect of this exercise is quite remarkable!
Have fun!    – Hugh