If Lao Tzu Were Your Therapist

                        Experiential weekend introduction to the                                            Hakomi Method through its Taoist Roots

…explores the influence of Taoist philosophy and practice in the Hakomi Method of somatic psychotherapy and mindfulness-based assisted self-study.  Ron Kurtz created a therapy that included Taoist-based principles of non-violence, mindfulness and supporting defenses.

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles
and the water is clear?       – Lao Tzu


We will explore the paradoxical power of Lao Tzu’s classical book of Chinese wisdom, the Tao-te ching for supporting mindful, non-effortful, holistic healing: how contemplative states of consciousness potentiate awareness, how respect and non-doing lead to much being done, how supporting defenses leads most quickly to their being let down, and how focusing on the body provides both increased unity and a royal road to the unconscious.

Through short talks, stories and experiential exercises, participants will explore a gentle, paradoxically powerful method for encouraging and supporting personal growth. The approach centers theoretically and methodologically around principles of unity, organicity, mind-body holism, mindfulness and nonviolence.

Testimonials from some of those attending this workshop Oct. 2018: 

Thank you Ugo for creating such an intimate space and for bringing together such a gracious group of people in your warm home. Marvelled at how smoothly and effortlessly you brought us into hat place of deep sharing and non-doing or let’s say less-doing/more being. I did treasure the warmth inside as the weather tuned cold and Toronto saw the first signs of winter.  Thank you for the snacks, coffee, teas & candle light, palo santo and meditative moments. Most of all, thank you for your authentic, peaceful, joyful presence.    Grazie di cuore    – Giselle

Power of being connected with sacred community, as self-healing and method of healing others, usually missing in clinical workshop setting.  The main thing is what we already discussed which is the process when working with trauma.     Thank you!!   Much gratitud – R

My heart feel more open than it EVER has. I hope I can keep, maintain and retain the open, loving feeling of the last two days    – Catherine 

Great to do something experiential with folks who are open to being vulnerable. I like how you also took part – it levelled the playing field and created safety. I’d like to see the whole Hakomi Method drawn out to get a feel for the process in a therapy session.  Thanks    – Rich

Cultivating group cohesion that provided opportunity to authentically meet others. Being open and receptive to questions, dialogue and keeping the group together and “on track”   Thank you!    – Terra

Not what I was expecting at all.  A delightful and insightful experience that will serve me well in the future. It also served to show me how disconnected we are as  society. Thank you.    – David

You really created a workshop that embodied the principles of non -doing. I feel like I got the experience I was looking for and will be taking the spirit of this weekend back to my job. I am inspired to relax into my work and to trust my clients’ own process.    – Cynthia (Mental Health Counsellor)

This weekend was a revelation! I so enjoyed the opening of my heart and felt so connected to everyone.  It has occurred to me that it would be so good to witness and support more men in similar groups I am taking home much goodness!  – Marty