Three Fires
Meditation for Men (M4M)
Thursday mornings: 9:00-9:40 ET

Men are deep diving into the manly arts of mindfulnessmeditation, discovering a new “edge” in being an ‘authentic male’ – somatically, emotionally, mentally, and of course spiritually.

This free weekly opportunity to practice with other guys, is an offshoot of the biweekly Men’s Circle for personal growth which has been running now for almost 8 months.

Our meditation often focuses on bringing together the creative fires of the Sun, Earth and Heart, and may include attention on the breath, visualization, conscious sounding and mindful movement. Sometimes members of the session take their turn in guiding a meditation, so there’s a bit of a built-in training aspect of what we do and how we do it.

Our practice is inspired & informed by:
Agni: Yoga of the Heart, Fire and Synthesis
Tibetan Buddhist Somatic Breathing Meditation, and the
Korason Method for Authentic Voice & Dialogue

As in yoga in the West, there’s been a lot of hype around meditation. Here’s a primer you might enjoy: The Distracted Man’s Guide to MeditationM4M cuts through the illusions and gets right down to simple, conscious and immediately beneficial practice.

9:45    Zoom room opens (optional bit of time for greeting, socializing)
10:00   Practice begins
10:30   A few minutes to share impressions
10:40   Hasta la vista