Heart is the New Mind

The next stage of conscious evolution will see the heart come into its own as the  9-petalled, multi-layered unfolding Heart-Sun-Lotustrue centre of the human being (like the sun in its solar system) giving intellect and even mind a ‘run for their money’. Neuroscience is showing us that the heart is a second brain. But it goes beyond – already many around the globe are discovering that the perception, understanding and communication moving in and out of the heart go far deeper, higher and wider than the mere thinking mind.

Image:  9-petalled, multi-layered unfolding Heart-Sun-Lotus

This is allied to an overall ‘coming down’ into body and out of the head and unnecessary suffering incurred through its neurotic, anxiety-producing patterns of thinking, worrying and over-analysis. The latter is a signature of ego-driven thoughts and desires. It can also be derived from and exacerbated by past trauma – both ‘shock’ and ‘developmental’. The good news is that our heart, when endowed with a full toolbox of techniques, skills and applications, can be a competent psychotherapist as well as a deeply compassionate physician, and there are ways to train oneself to employ these faculties.

There’s a science and an art, to the training the heart.

The wisdom of the heart knows how to provide safety, an empathic inner ear and an authentic response in the present moment, to the frequency and need of the one who has been traumatized (usually one’s younger self). We ALL have experienced trauma. This Maitri Method is available and adaptable to everyone desiring freedom from conditioning & limiting belief patterns. This approach can be practiced successfully with oneself and also coheres well if one is working with a somatic, mindfulfulness-oriented psychotherapist.

This is also a part of the re-emergence of the feminine principle, also coming into its own, and the beginning of a more balanced civilization with male and female as equal partners, like the two wings of a bird. The heart can serve as a clearing house between the head/air (yang) and the body/earth (yin). Being in and operating through the heart with maitri ensures balance and equanimity.

Maitri, a Buddhist term, is the foundation of ‘the four virtues’ : • compassion  • sympathetic joy • equanimity & • loving kindness. The transformative potential of somatic maitri meditation practices along with Hakomi-oriented, body-centered, mindful self-enquiry, the Korason Method (KM) for Authentic Voice & Dialogue and Agni Yoga, is vast. Perhaps the 5th wheel of this creative vehicle might be something that is hard to define, yet perhaps the essential feature of the human soul – faith.

Living from the consciousness of the heart goes beyond sentiment, feelings and devotional attitude (bhakti yoga) and of course exponentially beyond the physical, ‘medical’ heart.  This science and art requires great passion, commitment and some discipline, but with practice, it becomes easier, authentic and natural. As heart gathers its grounding roots through the body and wings through the mind, the quality of pure intuition gradually makes its presence known.

Coming from this place of deep compassion and wisdom, an authentic dialogue engages the inner Sage, Spiritual Warrior and Wounded Child.  When, contact statements, nourishing words, ‘taking over’, the practice of loving presence and other Hakomi experiments in mindfulness, are activated within this inner dialogue with the maitri-infused heart as steward –  “magic happens! As a team, the parts, facilitated by the heart, invite information from the unconscious to bubble up into the conscious mind. There it can be studied, known and, when the time is right, enfolded into the heart. Then …let the healing and integration proceed!

The Mindful Circle, an online training is offered biweekly. Through experiential learning and Tibetan Buddhist somatic meditation practices, within the containers of the Hakomi and Korason Methods, participants learn to embody, at a gentle pace, principles and techniques contributing to well-being at every “essence” – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual, through (the fifth) quint-essence – the wisdom, compassion and perceptual prowess of the human heart.

The cohesion of these complimentary modalities creates a joyful and powerful path toward freedom, health, mastery and awareness of life purpose. I you feel curious or drawn, join us.        – Hugh

Currently the MC takes place on Zoom Thursday evenings  7 :00 – 9:00 ET. A second group will start up at an earlier time so that folks in Europe and the Middle East can participate.

Register for the Mindful Circle:  here