Rainbow Journey

Accompanying the dying
 recently deceased:
a multi-faith devotional gathering on Zoom

inspired by the Phowa teachings of Tibetan Buddhism
through Ayang Tulku Rinpoche

°Stay tuned for our next Rainbow Journey°


Our last Rainbow Journey:
Just 3 hours before the exact moment of maximum lunation of the Full Moon in Gemini, (known as the Full Strawberry Moon), we will gather for about an hour to accompany, in our minds and hearts, those who are about to die or have recently departed.

Because of COVID-19, many recently deceased or approaching the great transition are forced to die alone in hospitals and extended care facilities. This can be tragic for those involved, making for a lonely, sometimes more terrifying or confusing experience without the presence, comfort, love and support of family & friends.

Ayang Rinpoche during a 10-day Phowa training in a renovated barn NW of Toronto c. 1986.

The Phowa teaching of Tibetan Buddhism provides preparation for and accompaniment during death. So this one-hour time & space will offer prayers from various faiths, a short talk on Phowa & meditation, inspirational poem, quotation, Lakota chant with drumming & sacred dance – all of which will be directed towards those making the journey across the ‘rainbow bridge’ and their families & beloveds.



Our hope is to provide a beautiful, dignified and compassionate container for this most important transition, assisting them in the transference of consciousness to the highest possible dimension of light. 




The lighthouse of the aware soul helps light the way, at life’s sunset, to cross the rainbow bridge to the spiritual dimension. 


I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendor. Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?”
– Baha’u’lláh in “The Hidden Words”



To participate, please email hughsmiley@sympatico.ca
and you will receive an invitation with the zoom room number.