Ongoing Hakomi Training

The 4 Hakomi “Personhood” workshops

together, form what may be considered the Level One Training with the Hakomi Educational Network. Each workshop is 2 or 3 days and will be offered on a regular basis.

The Practice of Loving Presence

provides an experiential method to cultivate, though mindfulness, qualities of authenticity, deep communication, detachment, non-judgement, full engagement and compassionate presence that will benefit anyone who is dealing with other people (and that’s just about all of us).

Quieting the Mind

brings to awareness the emotions, ideas and memories that habitually drive us to keep busy, to continuously strive, to be always running towards some things and away from others. These states often define us as they move our thoughts, feelings and actions. To quiet the mind, even for a few moments, we must stop all that movement. In the process, we learn to create a stable, peaceful state of mind.

Nourishing Communication

All intimate and important relationships are enriched by nourishing communication. This workshop studies and helps create new habits around giving and receiving nourishing communications, including touch and speech. The group participants support one another in deepening and expanding abilities to receive and enjoy love and nourishment, as well as to develop skills in helping others to feel loved and nourished.

Non-Verbal Awareness

increases your ability to provide a safe, healing presence for the exploration of non-verbal communication for others. Guided exercises are designed to dramatically expand your capacity to attend to subtle, habitual patterns and the experience under those patterns of gestures, tones and facial expressions, naming them to bring unconscious beliefs into awareness.