Your Authentic Voice: Ottawa. April 13-14, 2019

  The Korason Method (KM) for Authentic Voice & Dialogue

Power & Peace Through Your Authentic Voice
is an introduction to KM which creator Hugh Smiley has developed over the last 40 years. It’s a powerful, simple and enjoyable way to discover your true, natural voice, then, with this enhanced instrument, voice your truth.        Read about the background and benefits of this method and workshop:     in English     in Spanish     in German

Have you found your Authentic Voice yet?
Have you felt that your heart’s desire is often out-of-reach?

We all long for freedom, happiness, love, connection, power & peace.  At this workshop, we will learn tools & techniques that are simple, profoundly effective & applicable.

The Korason Method (KM) weaves together sound production, movement, mindfulness, visualization and work with the chakras to 1) help discover and cultivate the sound and ease of the natural physical voice, and 2) with this enhanced instrument, voice our truth.

To fly high to those ‘spiritual’ or ideal goals, we’ll first deepen into somatic, emotional and imaginal realms through conscious breath & voice to open up true relaxation out of which the power of expression grows. Healing begins with locating tension in the body & psyche, then intentionally letting it go along with the emotional charge that carries it.

This workshop provides great benefit for your personal & professional life. With just 2-4 minutes daily practicing the short mantra-like KMarticulations (exercises), you will become empowered to speak your truth, in your authentic voice, with confidence, ease and joy!

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