Building Blocks

Get creative and build on what you already know, love and are good at; success will follow. Mistakes in life are building blocks too. Know and love them! In fact, if the shadow is dark, it means the sun is shining bright.

Get good at your mistakes, i.e. get good from them. Learn some alchemy and transform night into light, mud into gold. Going into the dark night takes courage; so does exploring the subconscious mind. But it helps to remember that, just as the sun still shines above the clouds on a gloomy day, it is also still shining at night and reflected on the moon. Even on a cloudy night, we can take the flashlight of the conscious mind into our nocturnal adventure to access new information and find our way back home. If the battery dies, we can always lie back, dream a little and wait til sunrise.

The most successful entrepreneurs make the biggest errors, often losing everything several times on their journey to excellence. Not only necessity, but mistakes, too, are mothers of invention (cornflakes, microwave ovens, vulcanized rubber and penicillin).

Admitting our fallibility can not only be reassuring to others but leave us in a humble, open and receptive state of mind – a good place to learn.

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