Breath in the Body in the Boy

Tenderness through birth and through death makes landing and take-off smoother. 🙂

Tender attention to body and mind

holding, touching, protecting, perceiving in silence and deep appreciation

Every thought, has a birth and later, a death. Imbued with tenderness and loving kindness (along with a pinch of passion & purity), it’s more likely to live a little longer, healthier and perhaps imbue some life quality into others who ‘rub up against’ it.
Every breath too has a birth (inale/new hope) and a death (exhale/surrender). Without death, there can be no new life.

That said, these days, through somatic meditation practice, am learning that the body (not just the dense body, but the vast subtle one) is a more reliable messenger of truth than the mind and its tyranny of impulsive thoughts. “Children & horses don’t lie” and the warm, soft, animal container of the body qualifies.

Tenderness & embodied loving presence assist the smooth launching of an idea and also a human life.

 So .. ..treating the ‘body in the boy’ with conscious breath,tenderness (consistent alert attention, patience, gentle & fluid posture adaptations, ‘collaborative discipline’) and especially relaxation – opens up a vast reservoir of increasingly accurate information about what the world is and who am I in this world. And specifically, what are my trauma-based obsessive & addictive dysfunctions, i.e. coping strategies that can’t cope anymore and defense mechanisms that don’t defend very well, that tend to imprison my awareness and being in the insanity of a restless and reactive over-thinking mind. The process brings lots of laughter as well as tears.

Tenderness accompanies a smooth transition out of earth-bound life. ‘Wisdom of the Hour of Death”

The light and power of mind is either squandered or stymied & inoperative until the precious gift of the soma (body) is embraced, honoured and cared for in the most loving and responsible ways. “Charity begins at home” and so does clarity

Funny, our society worships the material world, but usually for the wrong reasons and in the wrong ways. Hidden within the glitz of matter, within the infinite earth element provided to us through our humble but majestic body, lies a shining mystery, waiting, and wanting release, like the genie in the lamp. So let us ‘rub up against’ our somatic lamp and let the field of light within the body illuminate and liberate the genius from our minds.

The unlimited subtle soma (central channel, aura, chakas, prana/chi energy, nadis, etc.) wraps around, clothes and is the garment of our ‘temple’- the limited dense physical body (bones, muscles, blood, organs, etc.). The former is eternal and evolves; the latter dies and dissolves.

This “Hidden Word” from the Baha’i Revelation, in which the Creator speaks to mankind, suggests to us that a key to immortality and transcending the endless, painful beginnings & endings of impermanence is to embody the reality of unity and oneness – in the integration of our whole essence & being (body, emotion, perception, mind, spirit) and then, of course, in deep connection with others through relationship (the master teacher).

O Son of Man!
My eternity is My creation, I have created it for thee. Make it the garment of thy temple. My unity is my handiwork; I have wrought it for thee; clothe thyself therewith, that thou mayest be to all eternity the revelation of My everlasting being.”

For those interested in exploring this “tender matter” – a 5-day Deep Summer Retreat will be offered on Georgian Bay during August, 2020, Somatic Meditation, Agni YogaHakomi, Korason Method for Authentic Voice, simple flamenco singing, Bruce Trail hiking, sandy beaches and a nearby pow-wow – all in Ontario’s sweetest village in the loving embrace of gorgeous Mother Nature. More info: here

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  1. Peter Tytler says:

    Thanks Hugh,
    You have shared this point of view a few times over the years in your various workshops that I attended in TO.
    Quite a strong statement of your orientation. Certainly a good marketing statement in support of your various workshops.

    Should draw people.

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