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Hugh’s News: March, 2023

Hello friends, Late winter greetings! The first newsletter in many moons, I’m hoping it will be monthly so won’t share ALL the news this time around. How goes your life journey these days, fellow-traveller?My wish is that, despite whatever may ail or travail … Continue reading

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Full Moon Meditation

FULL MOON MEDITATION: THIS WEEKEND (midnight Sat. EDT) invoking the Spirit of Human Unity through guided somatic visualization, conscious breath, silent practice, prayers, chant & drum. Summer’s first Full Moon provides a point in time for increased illumination, understanding & … Continue reading

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Breath in the Body in the Boy

Tenderness through birth and through death makes landing and take-off smoother. 🙂 Every thought, has a birth and later, a death. Imbued with tenderness and loving kindness (along with a pinch of passion & purity), it’s more likely to live a … Continue reading

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KM: Module 2

Dear Ottawa student of the Korason Method for Authentic Voice & Dialogue, As a graduate of Module 1 last Oct., you are entitled to register for Module 2 (April 13-14, 2019) with a generous 40% discount. In return, Shahram and … Continue reading

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The Voice of the Therapist

The Therapist’s Voice in Mindfulness-Based, Body-Centered Psychotherapy (a workshop) The human vocal apparatus is part of the body and much more. We create (or destroy) our worlds through words we speak and sing, sounds we utter. Different qualities of the … Continue reading

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La Voz Autentica en el Cante Flamenco

Tengo el gran honor de ofrecer mi trabajo por primera vez en España! El Método Korasón es algo muy inovador que te ayudará no solamente cantar y comunicar mejor pero también a vocalizar tu verdad! Para alentar tu participación, y … Continue reading

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