Chiron: Sacred Warrior

Exploring a few of the several archetypes embodied by the
wise centaur Chiron, we will focus on:

• Hero
• Sacred Warrior
• Wounded Healer

The format will consist of:
• short talks (theory), followed by
• experiential exercises in mindfulness, then
• group dialogue.

Some info. on Chiron and my astro-background:

Also here:

The ellipse is a dance between circle and straight line, the right & left hemispheres of the brain. Chiron’s elliptical orbit journeys between Saturn (boundary of the inner solar system) and Uranus (beginning of the outer), thus symbolizing the connecting of the conscious & unconscious minds as well as many other dualities and polarities.    – Hugh

To pay US$30 (CA$41) for the May 14 Chiron workshop, click below: