Chiron Workshop

August 18-20, 2023

Chiron’s Healing Journey:
transmuting core wound into
the golden light of courage, freedom and joy.

A new vision required of this period of evolution in global humanity is that of Unity, and understanding it begins within, without & encomposes the entirety of creation. Chiron, the shaman helps us to know our several parts (sometimes hurt or broken), then get them communicating and integrating for the mending process towards that unity.

The Wise Centaur, Chiron embodies archetypes that mentor us to …

• Identify our personal pain, suffering & the underlying trauma conditioning so many aspects of our lives—attitudes, psychological beliefs, work, health & relationships.
• Understand patterns deriving from these core wounds we have all received,
• Hold the perception in our consciousness, embracing the reality of its direct experience.
• Through awareness of, acceptance & compassion for our inner child, transmute the wound into healing medicine for the benefit of ourselves and others.

This workshop will be a seminal event – unique, creative and ground-breaking! Awareness of new Chironic archetypes is beginning to surface in humanity’s consciousness in various ways. Chiron, the astronomical body, orbiting between Saturn & Uranus, was discovered only in 1977 and the wisdom reflected is so much needed at this time of great turmoil and transition.

In the heart of the summer season, this workshop in the sweet village of Colpoy’s Bay on the Bruce Peninsula offers you a chance to relax deeply, let go of stress & anxiety, and cultivate your evolutionary journey in one of Ontario’s most beautiful landscapes. Colpoys Bay is a gorgeous estuary of Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) with the limestone cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail ringing it’s shores.

On Saturday, there will be a long siesta break to rest, meditate or explore the many attractive features of the area. The program will provide a warm & safe container for your journey in self discovery, creativity and experience of the nature of reality—right in Real Nature. The location lies right on the Bruce trail and a mere 100 meters from the clear blue, refreshing waters of Colpoys Bay. 

The Bruce Peninsula’s
Georgian Bay

We will learn through short talks,  experiential mindfulness-based exercises and question periods with dialogue. Participants will have a chance to explore, in group, how Chiron manifests through the map of their natal astro-charts and provides a key to open a door to personal integration, unwind the wound and leverage the charts gifts and talents. 

Participants will take home skills & tools for further deepening in centuric wisdom applicable to both personal and professional relationships.

More on Chiron and Hugh’s astro-counseling service:

Tuition is CA$280 (c. US$210).  Space is limited (12-14). Are you drawn to attend? Please email me with something about how this event might fit with where you are in your journey. Then we will speak on the phone or Zoom. When you’re ready to register, I’ll send information re accommodation choices in the area. There are actually 4 bedrooms available for rent right in the historic home where our learning journey will take place.

Right before this workshop (3 free days in between) and in the same location, there will be 5-day/4 night Deep Summer Retreat Aug. 11-15 including Korason Method & Hakomi workshops. Info: here.  • 20% discount if both events attended.
Perhaps you’ll come for all 10 days (9 nights) and have a super, learning vacation! .


To pay US$210 (CN$280) for the Chiron Healing Journey weekend workshop, click below: