Deep Summer Retreat

August 11-15, 2023

7 pm Friday, 11th till after lunch on Tuesday, 15th.

Morning sessions: 9 am to 1 pm
Lunch together at site: 1 – 2 pm
Free time: 2 pm -7 pm
Evening session: 7 -9 pm

Experience a deeply healing, life-change over 5 days
on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula!

In the heart of the summer season, this 5-day retreat in the sweet village of Colpoy’s Bay on the Bruce Peninsula offers you a chance to relax deeply, let go of stress & anxiety, and cultivate your evolutionary journey in one of Ontario’s most beautiful landscapes. Colpoy’s Bay is a gorgeous estuary of Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) with the limestone cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail ringing it’s shores.

Besides long afternoon breaks to rest, meditate or explore the many attractive features of the area, the program will provide a warm and safe container for your journey in self discovery, creativity and experience of the nature of reality—in Real Nature. The location lies right on the Bruce trail and a mere 100 meters from the clear blue, refreshing waters of Colpoys Bay, so 3 swims per day will be possible. 

A few primer questions:
• What pain in your personal life seeks a solution?
• To what extent has it been solved by what you have learned & applied so far?
• And how did you feel when you arrived at these healings or solutions?
• How intense is your desire for liberation from the limiting psychological beliefs that have prevented the expression of your full glorious, powerful, ecstatic & authentic self?
• How do you imagine you will feel (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physically) as you move through a turning point into greater freedom, confidence & self-compassion?

In that we will have :
• a safe space close to nature within which to deepen and explore,
• modalities which synchronize body, mind & heart, and
• compassionate, skilled professionals to help guide the journey …
…this retreat can provide a transition from your personal pain to your personal  solution.

The centaur Chiron, through his Wounded Healer & Sacred Warrior archetypes, teaches us that the spiritual warrior is one who not only has great courage and will stand up for justice, but also is never more than a hair’s breadth from being in touch with her/his own tenderness, sadness and vulnerability.  Chiron, along with all the great spiritual traditions, shows us that growth emerges through tests, the medicine resides within the wound, the brilliance of the jewel in the lotus lies within the darkness of suffering & trauma. When we accept and work with this principle anything is possible!

The Bruce Peninsula’s Georgian Bay shore

Our way of learning will involve short talks, followed by experiential, mindfulness-based exercises & question periods with dialogue. And to exercise our creative, passionate & somatic selves, there will be times for gentle stretching, embodied meditation and mindful, musical improvisation.

Retreat time includes elements of the Hakomi “Nourishing Communication” workshop and  the Korason Method for Authentic Voice & Dialogue. Take home skills & tools applicable to both personal and professional relationships.

Tuition is  CA$440.  Register at the bottom of this page. Space is limited (12-14). Are you drawn to attend? Please email me with something about how this event might fit with where you are in your journey. Then we will speak on the phone or Zoom. Each participant brings their own food and finds a place to stay. When you’re ready to register, I’ll send information re accommodation choices in the area. This area, because of it beauty is in demand, so it’s important to secure your place to stay in advance.

Hugh’s bio info. here:

A 3-minute video preview of the Retreat:

Guest Facilitators:
Sat Dharam Kaur, Compassionate Inquiry founding facilitator, mentor and practitioner is a naturopathic doctor and has supported Dr. Gabor Maté in structuring the Compassionate Inquiry approach so that

others can learn it. She created the Beyond Addiction program, a yogic path to recovery. She trains people in Kundalini Yoga and has a private practice in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Robert L. Gatis, B.Sc., N.D. FAARFM 

Naturopathic Doctor for 35 years, Fellow in Anti-Aging Restorative and Functional Medicine, a Bio-Medical Hypnotherapist with a special interest in the the Mind/Body Connection,  Founder of the company Reality By Design Inc. and the Quantum Life Visioning Process. Rob will offer this two-hour talk/workshop as part of the retreat:  How We Create Our Own Reality (& the way to change yours if you don’t like the one you’re living.

Zarah Calvert is a diverse renaissance woman based in Mexico. A musician and recording artist, she’s involved in several projects from ska to punk, folk to funk, and jazz to mantra. A lightworker, she offers classes, workshops & retreats with  Kundalini Yoga, Conscious Dance, Ceremony and Ritual, Conscious Writing & Hakomi therapy of which she is a Practitioner.  Zarah will guide us through some gentle yoga & mindful stretching each day of the Retreat.


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