Fees & Policies

..for sessions in:
• Counseling (Hakomi with other modalities)
Korason Method for Authentic Voice & Dialogue
• Bodywork  • Meditation Coaching   • Astro Coaching
or an integration of the above

I can provide a brief, initial free phone consultation prior to meeting for paid sessions.

A  session is one hour in length and may be in my downtown Toronto office, over the phone, or online via Zoom.
  •  The hourly fee is Can$130.00 (no tax). About US$95 or 91 euros.
  • There is a 10% discount for a package of 10 sessions (see PayPal options below) thus averaging $117 per hour. Clients may pay the one-time fee ($130) for each of the first 9 sessions, then the 10th will be free. The first session is 75 minutes.
  • I carry a limited number of sliding scale cases ($95.00-$120.00 per hour) for clients who wish to access my service but for whom the session charge might be a financial burden.
  • If the session needs to be extended past the “hour” this is determined with the client and additional charges are based on the length of the extension. For example, a couple therapy session often lasts 1.5 hours and the charge becomes $195 for that time.
  • Payment is due by the end of each session by cash, PayPal, eTransfer or personal cheque ($40.00 fee for returned cheques).
  • Please note that if you miss your appointment without providing at least 24 hours notice you will be charged for the entire session.
  • Receipts will be provided upon request.
  • Seniors & students can receive an additional 10% discount.
Consultation and Training Fees

Fee scale varies depending on location, agency needs, number of training days requested, and resources required.

  • Full training day $850-$1200 per day.
  • Half day of training between $500-$700.

Click here to pay for a one-hour session (CA$130, US$95):

Click here to pay CA$1170 for package of 10 one-hour sessions at a 10% discount (c. US$860 or 815 euros):