Hakomi and the Creative Process: Visiting the Artist & Warrior Archetypes – June 8-9, 2013 Toronto

Hak & CPThe creative process, both in art and “making life work”, requires the reflective and visionary sensibilities of the Artist as well as the passion, courage and fire of the Warrior. These two archetypes, in many ways, are polar opposites. In their blending and fusion, we can become liberated to break though limitations and fulfill our purpose.

The Hakomi Method of mindfulness-based assisted self-study will help navigate the mind-body interface. Through experiential exercises with voice, movement and posture, participants will find keys to the gate of this dynamic & healing fusion. This union shares some ground with the inner marriage of the feminine and masculine principles (Jung’s anima and animus).

Everyone, even the most gifted and creative geniuses, have experienced blocks to their ability to create. These impasses can be painful and hold back growth in other areas of life (work, relationships, etc.)  So, in the workshop, we will study where we find our blocks and the underlying ideas and beliefs associated with them. Through exercises embodying safety and nourishing support, empowering and freeing beliefs can take root leading to a more nurturing and satisfying creative life.

June 8-9, 10:00-5:00

88 Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto

Early-bird discount up to May 13 – $240 (+HST), then $270

Hakomi and the Creative Process  – $240
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