About Ron Kurtz

Ron and Hugh, Montreal, June 2010



Ron Kurtz, DHL (Doctor of Humane Letters), 1934-2011,

developed the Hakomi Method over a period of forty-two years. He conducted workshops internationally since 1968 and trainings since the mid-1970s. He founded the Hakomi Institute in 1981, Ron Kurtz Trainings, Inc. in 1990 and has written or co-authored three books: The Body Reveals, Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Grace Unfolding. In the last decade of his life Ron continued to evolve and refine Hakomi drawing from the ever-expanding fields of spiritual and physical sciences. In 2008 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the U.S. Association for Body Psychotherapy.


Hugh working with Ron in Florida in Oct., 1979