The Mindful Circle Online

           biweekly MCO Sundays

Stay connected to HAKOMI and KORASON METHOD practice.  The Mindful Circle Online (MCO) is a powerful biweekly opportunity: experiential learning and practice …for both personal & professional development.

1.5-hour sessions usually include a 10-minute somatic & heart-oriented meditation
and techniques from (click on links for info.):
• the Hakomi Method,
• the Korason Method (KM) for Authentic Voice & Dialogue, and
• the emerging practice of Agni: Yoga of the Heart.
No previous training in any of these is required.

The elegant synthesis of these approaches to healing, transformation and psycho-spiritual evolution provides a safe space for opening to the core wounds that continue producing unnecessary suffering in our lives. Through pendulating in and out of the ‘shadow’ realms in a measured way within the context of the practice of loving presence, understanding of our journey in whole new way is possible. Light is discovered in darkness, jewels mined from pain, and surprising ‘super powers’ & skills cultivated like a splendrous garden from the soil of sorrow – skills that can apply to real-life situations & relationships. At times, the group soul serves as therapist & guide, and there is a healing of the collective psyche.

Due to the current situation re COVID-19, and wanting the Circle to be available to more people isolated at home, in developing countries or circumstances of scant resources, the fee has been reduced by 40%. For five 90-minute online sessions, the fee is now only US$75 (c. CA$94). You can attend the first session free, then to continue, register below for a series of 5.

Please read the flyer below for details and benefits:


Click below to pay US$75 for a package of five 1-5 hr. Mindful Circles Online: