Hugh’s News: July 2020


Dear friends, 

This is the first of what will be a monthly email (part blog, part newsletter). I love to stay in touch and am here for any questions or thoughts you may wish to share, believing the collective mind & heart, when aligned through affirmative thoughts, words, attitudes and actions, can provide powerful vehicles for personal growth and the healing of relationships, society & our beautiful planet. So…let the healing begin!  🙂

Sending you wishes of encouragement as we plough (or sail) through various stages of pandemic, adapting to a new paradigm, learning some new attitudes & behaviours, unlearning some old ones. For some, it seems to be easy; for others, quite challenging.

For myself, though I’ve noticed a bit of loneliness creeping in and a waxing yearn for hugs, I am thankful to be opening up a whole world of relationships and engagement online. Having met with clients and hosted groups online for several years now, further expansion of this on Zoom has been fairly effortless and fun. Have cultivated the virtual hug into a juicy art-form. 🙂

Aging increases my commitment to integrating what’s been learned & experienced from various wisdom and healing traditions over a life-time. So am providing classes, workshops, retreats, meditations & authentic dialogues – “containers” for myself and others to benefit – practices easy to learn, easy to practice & easy to apply to everyday life (personal & professional relationships).

Listed below are several ongoing ‘learning modules’ (all times are EST). Click on the links for more information or to register. The fees are relatively low to facilitate all desiring to evolve through these vehicles. Some are free.

Men’s Circle: Monday biweekly, 7-9 pm (next: Aug. 3)
– Personal growth for men. Co-facilitated with George Lewis, MD

Chiron Class: (free) every 4th Tuesday, 1:30-3:00 pm (next: Aug. 11)
– Explore the healing journey through Shaman, Messenger & Wounded Healer archetypes of the centaur Chiron in mythology, psychology & astrology

Hakomi Method Training: biweekly, Wed. 2-5 pm (next: July 29)  See poster below.
– Learn & experience deep transformation through Hakomi Somatic Therapy & Mindfulness-Based Assisted Self-Discovery

Your Voice is Your Power: biweekly, Wed. 11:00-12:30 (next: Aug. 5)
– The Korason Method for Authentic Voice: Easy to learn, practice & apply – and lots of fun

Mindful Circle Online: weekly, Sunday 1-3 pm (resumes Aug. 9)
– Experientially learn & practice Hakomi & Korason Methods, with Somatic Meditation, Agni Yoga & more  (in English & Russian)

Full Moon Meditation: (free) monthly, 1 hour. Time & date change. (next: Aug. 3)
– intoning the spirit of Human Unity through somatic visualization, conscious breath, silent practice, prayers, chant & drum

Please email me if you’d like to schedule an individual session
focussing on or integrating any of the following modalities:

• Hakomi   • the Korason Method  • Astro-Coaching
• Agni Yoga & Somatic Meditation Coaching
(new): • Long-distance “Inner Bodywork” : subtle body ‘massage’ & balancing via Zoom

For those in the Toronto area, I’ve just recently begun seeing a few clients in my midtown office for both counselling & bodywork (with appropriate social distancing & masking when necessary). Will be out of the city between Aug. 2 & Sept. 15 but with wifi so all zoom services will carry on.
Fees are moderate and there’s a bit of a sliding scale.

Hope to see you soon on the healing journey.
Warm wishes    – Hugh


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