Hugh’s News: March, 2023

Hello friends,

Late winter greetings! The first newsletter in many moons, I’m hoping it will be monthly so won’t share ALL the news this time around.

How goes your life journey these days, fellow-traveller?
My wish is that, despite whatever may ail or travail you at this juncture of your trail, a steady point (fed by love) of light, clarity, spaciousness and peace grows within from month to month. Currently a complex cascade of crises assaults our planet and humanity so it’s a good time to have community. And to be awake, alert, attentive, mindful and healthy in attitude. 

As I approach my 76th birthday, and having explored many nooks and crannies of the psycho-spiritual map, I’ve gathered at least a wheelbarrow or two loaded with valuable skills, tools and outlooks. They have benefitted me and I’m more than willing to share with you, if you’re curious.

So this Hugh’s News is mostly to let you know that after a bit of a writing pause, I’ll be offering two workshops and a Deep Summer Retreat over the coming months. So you can jot down the dates and if you’re drawn to attend, contact me re your interest.

Re the writing project, I was honoured to be invited to contribute to an anthology on Chiron and the Centaurs. I explored the archetypes of the Wounded Healer & Sacred Warrior. “Sideways from Saturn”, now on pre-order, will be published this Spring. Much of my chapter revolves around words, voice & non-violent communication. Here’s a wee poem I wrote and included:

Let my word be a wing
soaring to listening hearts
And if my sword swing,
let it curtail illusion,
drop all hurting darts,
cut away untruth
so my own heart starts
to lighten, soar and sing! 

               – Hugh

For information on or to register for these
2023 upcoming events, click on the links below:

• Korason Method Workshop:  Sat., April 15 on Zoom

• Truly Being Here Now (a Hakomi intro.): Sun., May 14 on Zoom

• Deep Summer Retreat:  August 11-15 on Georgian Bay. Includes complete HakomiKorason Method workshops, long siestas + somatic meditation

• Chiron Healing Journey:  August 18-20 weekend on Georgian Bay

• Korason Meditation Circle:  9-10 ET, 1st Thursday monthly on Zoom

The two separate August events take place over 10 days (9 nights) with 3 free days in between. Location: the beautiful Bruce Peninsula on Georgian Bay. Receive a 20% discount by attending both the Retreat & the Chiron workshop.

 Niagara Escarpment a Colpoy’s Bay shore,
100 meters from our retreat location:

May the bountiful breezes of Springtime soon to be with us, warm our backs and nourish us with the fragrant aroma of new growth! 
And may our direct experience of love and life be both lofty and deep!

Individual & Couples Therapy sessions are available on Zoom. Also Counseling & Bodywork on-site in Toronto. Interested? Email me.

Although I’ll be travelling in Paraguay from May 20-June 15, there will be internet access a good part of the time.

Looking forward to accompany your healing & learning journey.
Warm wishes    – Hugh

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