Is the Golden Age here yet?

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” (part of a Hopi prophecy, also used by Afro-American poet June Jordan). Power to the People, and the People to Truth. The first inklings of the dawn of the Hindu Sat Yuga (Age of Truth) may be upon/within us. The chronology dovetails with what Baha’u’llah, prophet/founder of the Baha’i Faith named the Cycle of Fulfilment (c. 500,000 years long beginning now).

As God is within as well as without (as well as transcending this duality), so can the Golden Age exist in our consciousness, personal and collective, as well as in the civilization that emerges through us (plus something beyond). Authentic dialogue, inter-relateness in our conversations, and Habermas’ public forum provide verbal ground in which the golden bough blossoms.

Maybe enlightenment isn’t being ecstatically happy all the time, but just being deeply and highly aware, and articulate of all levels of experience.

Rather than pining away for a past/lost Golden Age or one may yet to come, can we celebrate the one that we are living now? And what does this look and feel like?

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