Korason Meditation

Korason Meditation Circle
Embodied Heart Yoga

•temporarily on pause•

1st Thurs. morning of each month: 9-10 ET

Our meditation brings together creative fires of the Sun, Earth and Heart, and may include attention on the breath, visualization, conscious sounding and mindful movement. Occasionally members of the session take their turn in guiding a meditation, so there’s a bit of a built-in facilitation skill-building aspect to what we do and how we do it.

Establishing a deeply-grounded, high vibration to start the day …
…our practice is both inspired & informed by:

Agni: Yoga of the Heart, Fire and Synthesis,   more info
Somatic Breathing (Tibetan Buddhist style), the
Korason Method for Authentic Voice,   more info
Hakomi Somatic, Mindful Self-Discovery,  more info
Authentic Dialogue  more info

If you wish to participate and receive a weekly invitation with zoom link,
please email me:   – Hugh