Korason Hero’s Journey: Spring 2024

Dear community,

Navigating today’s challenges requires the reality-seeking wayfarer to embody skills of the Sacred Warrior and Hero archetypes – to transcend fear, cultivating courage with tenderness & compassion, synchronizing mind, heart & body.

I will offer some of the learning & experience accumulated over several decades, facilitating a series of weekly group sessions over the winter on Wednesday evenings 7–9 EST. Part experiential study group & part healing/therapy group, approaches will include:

• Korason Method for Authentic Voice & Dialogue
• Hakomi Somatic-based Self-Study
within a safe, nurturing environment with
• mindfulness & • powerful meditation practices.

And of course the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships and authentic dialogue with others traveling the path of awareness and evolution. 

The KHJ will provide a powerful & enjoyable vehicle for your personal growth, healing & awareness at this stage of your journey. Each session will begin with a 10-15 minute talk with slides which will be recorded. Then we’ll dive into Korason & Hakomi Method experiential exercises, sometimes in pairs or small groups.

There will be time & space to both listen deeply and be heard, engaging in the art/science of Authentic Dialogue. And the collective consciousness of the ‘group mind & heart’ will be very much a welcome participant.  The content of our time together will be confidential and just for group members. Also, during each session, a powerful meditation practice will be taught & practiced.

Each group member can also receive, as part of the tuition, a free one-hour private therapy session with me (a $140 value). This can take place anytime during the module period and can include Korason, Hakomi, astro-counselling and meditation mentoring.

Please email me if you’re interested.  You can more than one module. The 5 sessions of a Module can be used over a 2-month period. The fee for each: CA$250 (c. US$190).

Looking forward to a deep dive & effective skill-building with you. 

To Pay$250 (US$190) for Korason Hero’s Journey, click on the link below: