Korason Method Workshop

Saturday, November 18th (on Zoom)

Free Your Authentic Voice!
and through its Sound,
Align your
Personality with Soul’s Purpose!

We all have different parts. When parts are not aware of one another or do not communicate well, the road can be bumpy with stress, tension, anxiety, confusion, grief and frustration. This powerful micro-training provides 3 techniques from the Korason Method (KM) for Authentic Voice & Dialogue – easy to learn, easy to practice and easy to apply to everyday situations & relationships.

The techniques can fit easily into your toolbox for personal growth and help align the threefold personality (physical, emotional, concrete mental) with the higher/deeper part of yourself. This may be called the Inner Sage, Essence or Soul – the one who knows and IS peace, power, love and will.

Practicing (even 2-4 minutes per day) builds this ‘Rainbow Bridge’ (sometimes called the Antahkarana). You will gradually find it easier to practice loving presence in your relationships. At a practical level, decision-making will become easier and healing from trauma will unfold in a relatively comfortable way. Spiritually, within a growing attitude of serene expectancy, you will witness your personality able to serve the goals and purpose of your higher Self.

The above seems to promise a lot. How much of this lot you attain depends on inviting a small bit of discipline, practicing, with mindfulness the KM techniques on a regular basis. So this workshop offers a valuable step on your journey of healing, integration and even delightenment.

Short talks (theory) will be followed by experiential exercises, then sharing, questions and group dialogue. Principles from the Hakomi Method of Somatic, Mindfulness-Based Self-Discovery will provide a safe, energetic container for the creative learning process to organically unfold.

More info. on KM: here
Korason Blog: here

Hours: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm EST with a 45-min. break at about 1:00 pm.

To pay US$65 (CN$88) for Korason Method workshop, click below: