Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation in the Hakomi Mode, Jan. 21, 2012

Workshop in Toronto,  Saturday, Jan. 21st, 2012

“Helping people to meditate better is a deep passion of mine. Using mindfulness and movement to understand the blocks really makes it easier and faster!”  – Hugh

Hakomi is a method of assisted self-study and emotional healing based on the practice of loving presence, mindfulness, and the modifications of underlying ideas and rules that drive behaviour. This weekend workshop will use mindfulness and bodily movement to explore how these ideas or attitudes (often unconscious) limit, interrupt or even rule out our ability to meditate.

This exploration will help clear the way to increased clarity, creativity, confidence and awareness of the present moment as well as support a more successful meditation practice.

Location: 50 Hillsboro Ave., Toronto

The fee is $95 (+HST)

Facilitator Hugh Smiley, has studied and worked with Hakomi founder Ron Kurtz since 1979 and has studied and practiced meditation since the early ’70s. He has developed the Korason Method of Authentic Voice and Dialogue and taught in 9 countries.

To register:  www.hakomiontario.com or call Hugh at 416-924-4941

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