Quieting the Mind

The flower of compassion grows best in the fertile soil of a quiet mind.

HAKOMI is a deep & elegant somatic, mindfulness-based method of assisted self-study. In March, 2024, I will teach a workshop (online) called “Quieting the Mind”.
As human beings, we live in a sea of thoughts, memories, images, and sensations that can drive us into a relentless pattern of activity, stress and striving. We are so used to this level of activity that we scarcely notice it and hardly realize that under this busy surface we secretly long for the peace that can only be found in relaxation and being.
This workshop is an experiential, body-centered approach to settling in to pure relaxation and ‘being’ as we notice & process the experiences that drive our automatic and restless mental, emotional and physical activity.
This process leads, in a safe, pleasureable & organic way, through accessing information from the unconscious mind, to discovering underlying psychological beliefs that condition our lives. As we grow into knowing ourselves better, freedom to BE our authentic selves also grows along with the confidence, joy & health that accompany it.

If you’re interested in participating, please PM me for more information & to stay in the loop.