Season for Leaving

Came across this gorgeous leaf fallen on the ground during morning walk today. Here it now rests upon & amidst some stones on the balcony table.

This poem was inspired by a leaf  found during a walk near home. As I held, admired then placed it, thoughts of resilience and mortality visited. Though
not in a hurry to leave the tree of life & this material world, I’m becoming ‘urgently interested’ in the soul’s seasons just before and after that leaving.   – Hugh

        • Season for Leaving •

While on a morning walk I came
upon this small leaf fallen
upon the path. With still a month
of Summer left to stall in,
she hurried down with coloured coat
and Autumn ushers in.

Sandhill Cranes strolling blithely by near our retreat site on Wikwemikong First nations last August. They have a long migratory journey so tend to fly south earlier than most birds.

Though drying and dying, her varied
hues were singing life today.
I’ll pass by there again tomorrow,
visit the bush from which she fell.
From past walk-bys, it seems unwell,
or perhaps she fell from sorrow.

Part dead, part alive,
still with colours and veins,
this late-summer leaf
has quit its growing-toil.
Like early-leaving cranes,
doesn’t mess around –
gets right down, floats outta town.
The journey’s long
to south, and soil.

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6 Responses to Season for Leaving

  1. Libby Traubman says:

    What a thoughtful poem. The leaf is so colorful, it doesn’t look real
    or even close to death, but more dressed for a party!!

  2. Marty Meshberg says:

    You have captured my own thoughts on the falling of leaves. And, every one is new in resplendent brilliance! Thanks for sharing Poet Hugh.

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